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Our Work: Smart Seniors is a resource portal for helping seniors navigate and negotiate the complexities of retirement, downsizing, and accessing government benefits and services.

Smart Seniors

The Smart Seniors resource portal is a clean, simple, and accessible website designed to provide streamlined access to information about the resources and services that are important to seniors in Canada.

The site was developed as a custom Word Press theme to facilitate frequent, easy content updates via the blog feature, or by editing static pages.

A screen capture of the website

Senior-centric User Experience

Static pages were designed for optimal readability and a senior-centric user experience.

Page layouts rely on information blocking and extensive use of list structures to clearly convey messages, and the site includes a font enlarger tool for novice users who may not now how to enlarge fonts using browser settings.

Respite Care Options web page

Instructional Content

Much of the site content is instructional, and is laid out in a step-by-step format for easier comprehension and legible printing.

How Much Canada Pension Will I Get? web page